Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lance's 100 Word Song Challenge: "Polly Pocket"

My brother from another mother Lance, whose blog can beat up my blog, and probably yours too, has started a 100 Word Challenge, each week based on a song. This week's song is "Take Me To The Pilot" by Elton John, a favorite of mine, and the story is called "Polly Pocket".

When he looked down, he had these bangs, black with red highlights, that hung in front of his face. I wanted to touch them. I wanted to peel him open, like the Polly Pockets I used to play with, and see what his heart said. Loving him was hard work- he was outgoing and fun one day, cynical and withdrawn the next. He was every love song ever written, and he was the lead in every romantic movie scene I had ever seen.

"What's wrong? I wish you would talk to me," I said cheerfully.

"I know," he said.


  1. I like this. Nice take on the prompt!

  2. I love the description where you're wanting to open him up like a Polly Pocket. I also like the contrast of a physically desireable and emotionally distant man.

  3. I love "he was every love song ever written."

    A well-painted character, this woman.

  4. When my daughter was little, she was all about the PPs too. Nice analogy.

  5. Stopping by from Lance's link-up. I love this line, "I wanted to peel him open...and see what his heart said." Great interpretation of the prompt.


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