Monday, April 09, 2012

100 Word Song: "Retreat"

My buddy Lance, whose blog is more than willing to accept an 8 seed in the Stanley Cup Playoffs as long as it gets a chance to beat up your blog, renews the 100 Word Song Challenge with Jefferson Starship's "Runaway". This doesn't really have much to do with the song except the title, but I nonetheless submit it. I call it "Retreat".

The captain told us, listening to the explosions and the angry bees of bullets zipping near us, that anyone who deserted would be hung. Right after he said that, his throat exploded, and he made a gurgling sound and fell over onto his back in the brown dirt. I looked at Stevenson, and he looked back at me. The whole world seemed to pause for a second, and I thought about home and the way Momma's bacon used to fill the whole house with that smell, and then suddenly I was running. I heard yelling, and I kept running.


  1. New jersey is a 6 seed, they'll beat Florida senseless.

    ahhh stuff's blowing up and people are running. such a manly testosterone driven 100. I like it. smells like writing.

  2. I like the moment when the world stops in shock at the violence, the moment that seems to take forever but is really just a split second. :-)


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