Monday, April 23, 2012

100 Word Song: "Three and One"

My bosom buddy Lance, who would be a first round pick in the Flash Fiction Contest Draft, and Leeroy, who is easily one of the best literary robots I have ever encountered, refill the 100 Word Song chalice with "Of Lilies and Remains" by Bauhaus. My entry is called "Three and One".

They were standing on top of a small hill, pretending the cold wind that made their t shirts stick to their bodies and the studs on their leather jackets jingle didn't affect them. They didn't say anything. None of them could think of anything to say. She had told them, all of them, before, at different times, in different ways, that she was tired of life and she couldn't take it anymore. That she was miserable. They thought she didn't really mean it, but standing here next to the flat gray stone, they knew she had.


  1. I love how you set the mood with the weather and the wardrobe. Very touching.

    Or, as Marian said better: "aw."

  2. aw........some

    I like the depth you showed in 100 words. Excellent work.

  3. this is one of my favorites this week. It wasn't creepy, it was sad and heart numbing to read. In 100 words you showed the depth of her sadness and the way they had ignored it.


  4. I love the wind-plastered teeshirts and jackets, and the pervasive sense of weariness in those few words.

  5. Wonderful, Mike. I exclaimed out loud when I read the ending. Beautiful work.


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