Saturday, May 26, 2012

100 Word Challenge: "Don't Look At Me"

The redoubtable Velvet Verbosity, just back from scoring an overtime goal to send the New Jersey Devils to the Stanley Cup Finals, issued a 100 Word Challenge this week centering on the word "spectacle". This is called "Don't Look At Me".

Thin, pretty Catherine hated spectacle. Don't make a fuss, she thought. Don't notice me, don't point at me, don't talk about me. Just pretend I'm not here. When the ebullient secretary Judy sent a company wide notice that it was Catherine's birthday, she cringed, expecting a tidal wave of well wishes and forced conversations. As the day proceeded and the silence deepened, Catherine wondered if she had finally forced her way out of everyone's life, as she said she wanted.

She didn't start crying until she finally left for home that night.


  1. Ouch. Sometimes, when you get what you think you want, you find out it wasn't what you thought it would be.

  2. Quite an emotional punch in 100 words.

  3. A cautionary tale... be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  4. Some are so afraid of being lonely and rejected by people that they separate themselves. At least, in their minds, it was their choice. Embracing what you fear most...truly an odd defense mechanism.

  5. Oh, this one speaks to me, Mike. My birthdays are very meaningful to me and unlike your character, I want people to make a fuss about it and send cards and surprise me with gifts and sing to me. When it doesn't happen, it stings.


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