Friday, September 14, 2012

Trifextra: "In Shadow"

{Those fans of Earl "Pitching, Defense, and Three Run Homers" Weaver over at Casa Del Trifecta Writing Challenge want us all to write 33 words only based on or involving the Rule of Three. This story is called "In Shadow".}

"You have big shoes to fill," he said. Caitlin sunk down. She wasn't an athlete, or a beauty, or popular, like her older sisters were. Being Caitlin, it seemed, wasn't enough.


  1. oh, poor caitlin! she'll get there.....

    nice piece.


  2. And someone has to tell her what she already knows. You gave me a whole scene in 33 words. Great write!

  3. Aww! I know girls like this, and they break my heart. Maybe she will be all three in five years.

  4. I have a feeling she will do just fine!

  5. I predict it's Caitlin who will win in the end. Life has a way of working itself out like that! :D

  6. Nice scene. You just described me as a child (luckily, I didn't have sisters to rub it in though :)) I think Caitlin will grow up strong!


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