Friday, September 28, 2012

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge: "Whatever Was Wasn't Enough"

Velvet Verbosity always makes sure her replacement referees are fully trained. This week's word is "Beyond", and this story is called "Whatever Was Wasn't Enough."

Janet always wanted more. If you drank three, she would drink four. If you stayed out until four, she would stumble in at six. She was always looking for something just beyond the horizon, living in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction. Whatever was wasn't enough. When she finally met Joseph, the male version of herself, everyone was sure that a flaming crash was to follow.

"You two have to slow down," they said. "You have plenty of time."

Janet put both hands on her belly and wished she had listened. By looking for something beyond, she found something else within.


  1. I stumbled upon the 100 word challenge site for the first time... hmmmm... I thought to myself. I wonder how this works. Your blog title jumped out at me... I have to check this out, I thought. And I found this and fell in love. The thread leading from the first line to the last is classic... Taking the trend to stop searching out there and find what you need within and turning it on its heels in an unexpected manner... Very clever and interesting read. You've inspired me to try the challenge this week. Thanks!

  2. Oh dear. Foolish Janet... Hopefully the child isn't so dogged in his/her recklessness as the parents. ;-)

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