Thursday, January 10, 2013

100 WS: "Prom Night"

{The busy ministrations of Leeroy and his human novelist pal Lance produce another 100 Word Song this week, the Afghan Whigs' "Debonair". This is called "Prom Night".}

"You're going to be careful?," she said for the seventh time.

"Yes, Mom," I said. She knew we would be careful, but she said it anyway. I was obsessively smoothing the front of the black jacket. Wendy was standing in front of me, her legs primly together, her eyes shining with promise.

"You look good. Handsome. Debonair," she said. "You both look perfect. Like you belong on a cake." Wendy smiled.

"Thanks, Mom," I said. I wasn't the sort of man the tuxedo would suggest.

We stepped outside, heading for my car, ready for some things, but not for this.

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