Thursday, June 12, 2008

(NBA) Finals Game Four Liveblogging

In Boston, the Red Sox wind up another strong homestand with a 9-2 bangeroo over the Baltimore Orioles, featuring the vocal stylings of America's sweetheart, Jon Lester, to the tune of 7 innings of two run ball.

In Los Angeles, the Celtics are taking the floor against the Lakers in Game Four of the NBA Finals.

9:14 PM LA is playing angry, passionate basketball, leading 11-4. Somebody reminded Lamar Odom the season isn't over yet.

Kevin Garnett is getting assaulted, and the referees are showing all the balance and fairness of Antonin Scalia talking about Bush v. Gore.

9:17 PM That annoying GMC commercial with the parking lot attendant. I don't find it cute or funny or clever, just annoying. I wasn't going to buy a Denali anyway, but after these commercials, I'm certainly not.

It's 16-6 now, with Gasol and Odom running the floor, making the Celtics look very old and tired all of a sudden.

I don't want to believe this NBA conspiracy theory talk, and yes, there is some discretion involved, but there are decisions made by NBA referees that just defy description.

9:20 PM Odom outhustles Garnett for a rebound, then takes him to school in the post, drawing a foul. How is Odom, who is a Westminster Kennel Club worthy dog, outplaying Garnett?

Garnett to the bench with two quick fouls.

9:26 PM The Celtics are shooting horribly- 3 for 15, trailing 24-7. Ugly. They are taking shots that should go down, they're just not.

Is Will Smith's movie "Hancock" going to be great or a disaster? I can't tell.

9:36 PM If there's a defining moment that tells you that "this game is out of control", that phrase might be "Trevor Ariza hits a three pointer in the corner."

After one quarter, Lakers 35, Celtics 14. An utter monstrosity. They're not that good, and we're not that bad, but as Professor Bill Parcells used to put it, "You are what you are." And what we are is down 21 after one.

As Wile E. Coyote once put it, "Yipe."

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