Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Apparently the world is about to end...

An entry from Dave Winer's blog about the world coming to an end. I can't say that I disagree with him one bit. To paraphrase "Rent", things are shitty, and I'm pretty sure they will get worse.

The All Star Game is over, and the American League won, sometime early this morning. They nearly ran out of players, which emphasizes the silliness of the "now it counts" business. There isn't a good reason why you can't just give the home field to the team with the best record, just like normal sports do.

It looks to me ( )
like both managers tried pretty hard to not overuse any pitchers, but they were running out of players. If I'm in a pennant race, like John Kruk said this morning, I certainly consider telling my pitchers I don't want them to play in the All Star Game. Like it or not, they don't get paid to win the All Star Game.

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