Friday, April 17, 2009

Game Ten....This Again?

Finally caught up to the Red Sox in the 8th here...leading 10-8 in the 8th, one out, with trouble a'brewin-Orioles on the sacks. Just another day here in the AL East, where bruising pitcher egos is not just a job, it's an adventure.

Nick Markakis against the Okey Doke.

Okey gets Markakis on a deep, deep fly to center that advances the runners to second and third.

Rough, tough Aubrey Huff now.

AND OKEY strikes him out swinging...phew! Bullet dodged.

Bottom of the 8th now, with Paps getting ready for the ninth.....

Drew now, against Matt Albers of Baltimore. Drew works a walk.

Sittin on the Dock Of The Bay pops out.

JD Drew is caught stealing (?)

Mikey Lowell also pops out. This kid is dealin'....

(David Plotz of the Slate Political Gabfest made the same point that I made here about the teabaggery. Where were you, with all your activism and political fire, when George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress were spending like drunken sailors and not paying for it?)

Top of the Ninth, and the Lord of the Dance makes his appearance...

Ty Wigginton (?) lines a single off of Lowell's glove

Luke Scott flies out

Gregg Zaun flies out

Felix Pie STRIKES OUT SWINGING to end it...phew!

Apparently, Brad Penny got beaten like a rented mule, but we pulled it out. 4-6 now-but should it be this hard to beat BALTIMORE?

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