Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OK, OK. You got me. Mea Culpa.

The irrepressible Katie (dontcallmekathleen.blogspot.com) has gently nudged me (which, in New Jersey, means "sent armed men to encourage me") to gracefully accept this Blog Award, which, since it has the word "Scrap" in it, is masculine enough for me to accept.

But, as Katie so gently encouraged me to do, and without further ado, is Ten More Things About Me, at 1015AM on a Tuesday.

1. I cry at movies way more than I am ready to admit.

2. I'm not going to tag anybody. Not because I don't care-well, partially because I don't care, but partially because I don't want to leave anyone out, and partially because I don't think I have 10 friends, bloggy or otherwise.

3. There's a WalMart commercial where they play the song "How Lovely To Be A Woman" from "Bye Bye Birdie" while trying to convince you to buy your makeup there. Isn't there, at any given time, roughly 30% or so of women who aren't all that jazzed about being a woman, biologically speaking?

4. I'll watch a James Bond movie, any time, any where. Even the silly ones. "License to Kill" was on last night, and my wife noticed something I had never seen before. Timothy Dalton is meeting with the corrupt banker, and his love interest/co conspirator walks into the room with her hair cut differently and in a very fetching suit. Now, Sean Connery might give you the one eyebrow lift, and Roger Moore might smile endearingly. But Timmy? Timothy Dalton gives you the full, eyes bugged out stare, as if she were completely naked, carrying a bucket of frogs with her hair on fire. Terrible overacting.

5. I secretly believe I was born to do something other than what I'm doing. Well, maybe not so secretly. But still.

6. I'm not a dog person. Judge me if you must, I'm just not.

7. I can sleep through just about anything.

8. Children being sick make me crazy. I know it's natural, can't be helped, blah blah blah. I still hate it. If I could trade feeling lousy every single day in exchange for the children in my life feeling great, I'd do it.

9. Funny story-my wife couldn't figure out how nasal irrigation was supposed to work until she saw me do it.

10. It's raining, which I like, but it's cold, which I don't. You can't have everything.


  1. They were water pistols. They never would have shot you.

    THANKS for FINALLY accepting one! :)

  2. Nasal irrigation? Is that the salt-water in the nose thing?

  3. It is indeed. The saltwater up the nose and let it run out the other side thing. I've gotten some relief from it-not a cure, but better than everything else I have tried.

  4. Not to be confused with "naval irrigation", which is when water cannon are used against pirates.

  5. Or "navel irrigation", when you shoot water at your belly button.

    Or "Naval irritation", when you annoy an Annapolis graduate.

  6. 1. We all do.
    2. I wouldn't even know how.
    3. I'm happy 100% of the time. Especially in the several weeks after giving birth. So lovely to be a woman at that particular time.
    4. I just did that and commented on the overacting! Eerie.
    5. Me too!
    6. Me...not.
    7. I'm an insomniac.
    8. Call me a bad mom, I'm okay with it (as long as it's normal you'll get over it stuff). It's part of having a human body. Better get used to it.
    9. Never heard of it, but now know more than I ever needed to.
    10. Rain, awesome. Cold, not so much.

    Love the list.


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