Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Another day, another day

"Rent" is on FX tonight.

I love Rent to an almost unhealthy degree, although my wife can't get past some of the singers. She knows a lot more about voice than I do, which means she sees (hears) imperfections that I just can't. Maureen's too old, of course, and you could pick on it for a dozen little things. I'd rather just enjoy it. The songs are just too good not to.

In Detroit, Boston scored 1 run in the 8th to take a 9-8 lead. Sounds like Cowboy Clay didn't have it tonight.

Why am I tearing up for songs from a musical I've seen twice and heard a hundred times? This guy was a fucking genius, that's why. Jonathan Larson, wherever you are, God bless you.

Tears streaming down my face, at least I know I can still feel.

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