Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Future vs.The Past

The title links to Will Leitch's cogent, rational response to the verbal assault he suffered from Buzz Bissinger on HBO a little while back.

Bissinger, like many in the MSM, has an irrational fear and hatred of bloggers and blogging. He feels his bailiwick fading away, so he strikes out against those he feels are attacking him.

The thing is, it's just a flight to quality. The Internet is self correcting-if a major blogger says something, and it is factually incorrect, he gets called on it. Usually soon.

Bissinger hates that. The media isnt used to getting called on things. Well guess what? Those days are over. Write, by all means-keep writing. But if you make a factual error, you can't run and hide behind your institution any more. You're going to get called on it.

Poor baby.

Similar problems occur in retailing. They focus on the wrong things, cut the wrong things, don't understand what people really want.

It gets exhausting waiting for the dinosaurs to die.

BTW, Boston hangs on to win 7-3. We welcome the resurgent Tigers tomorrow.

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