Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanks to the irascible Phil Nugent, ( I stumbled onto this:

It purports to use Artificial Intelligence to determine if a blog is written by a man or a woman.

So I, being the curious sort, plug in my own blog.

And what do we get?

Wait for it......................

"We think is written by a woman (69%)."

Sixty Nine Percent?


Well, uh, no. I happen to be a male of the guy persuasion. A man. A dude. A hombre. A muchacho. A rugged, insensitive brute who doesn't put the toilet seat down, talks about sports and...well...other manly stuff.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this.

My first reaction is to think, "Duh. That Artificial Isn't Very Intelligent."

But then I think about it. What is a blog, really, but your feelings about things and reactions to them? I mean, I assume none of you have this blog bookmarked above, right? You don't come here to learn things, you come here to see what I have to say, or because you don't feel like doing work, or because you don't want someone looking over your shoulder to know that you're watching born.

I guess telling about your feelings, by nature, is a traditionally feminine thing to do. So maybe if you just assume 60% of bloggers are female, you'll be right enough to make it seem like you know what you're doing? Is that even close to right? Does anyone know what the gender breakdown of blogging is? Is there even an answer to that question?

In any case, in order to masculinize my blog, I add the following, in order to tilt my AI gender back in the right direction.

Hunting. War. Death. Guns. Bowling. Beer. Taciturn. Solemn. Football. Insensitivity. Heavy Metal. Expressionless. Mean. Cruel. Mustaches. Baseball. A 2-2 backup slider to a right handed hitter. Breaking up the double play. Basketball. Sliding your feet on defense. Taking a charge. Hockey. Backchecking. Hard shot from the point on the power play.

Hopefully, that will do it.



  1. I don't tell about my feelings much, but I got girl'ed by the thing. I then put in a woman's blog I know of. She got girl'ed. Then I put in her husband. He got girl'ed too.

    The results don't seem too accurate.

  2. So it would seem.

    I'm glad it's not just me.

    I don't look so good with rouge, so perhaps it's for the best I stay with this gender for now.

  3. I got female from it, so it was right (I wonder if it was the pink in my blog that gave it away :p)!

    The same people also have a site which decides the personality of your blog.

  4. Dude, WTF?! This is what *I* got:

    We guess is written by a woman (52%), however it's quite gender neutral.

    I'm girlier than you, what with the boobs and ovaries and mood swings. It made me so mad, I almost cried.



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