Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why My Life Is Like A Sitcom

(INTERIOR: Cluttered house, dusk. Elegant, pretty WIFE approaches disheveled HUSBAND.)

HUSBAND: I ordered pizza. Penn Pizza Palace. Because they're alliterative.

WIFE: (frowns silently, contemplating whether or not "stupidity" is adequate grounds for divorce.)

HUSBAND: And they make Sicilian. (pause) I wouldn't order food based on alliteration. That would be silly.

WIFE: You'd have to go to the Dolphin Diner. And order Salisbury Steak.

HUSBAND: (thinks) With French Fries. And Chocolate Cake.

WIFE: That sounds pretty good!

(End scene.)


  1. Thank you.

    Picture a schlubby guy like Kevin James, and a gorgeous, sassy, smart brunette, like Patricia Heaton, maybe, and you've got it.


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