Saturday, January 03, 2009

Still Watching, Still Reading

WATCHING (Well, Watched): "Gonzo, the life of Hunter S. Thompson", a documentary about the Good Doctor. Well worth your time.

READING: "The Baseball Forecaster 2009", still, "The Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers" (a reread), "Sporting News Fantasy Baseball 2009". I have Roberto Bolano's "The Savage Detectives" on my shelf, too, that I have been meaning to get back to. I also have "New Moon", the second novel in the "Twilight" series, waiting for me. I'm actually afraid to start it, a little bit. I read "Twilight" so passionately, experiencing it so viscerally, I don't want to start it if I don't have time to finish it, because I know I will be mad if I can't. Isn't that stupid?


  1. Have fun with New Moon. Know that the Quileute Indians outside of Forks are real, but Meyers apparently could not find time to do research, so all of the stuff about their legends and government is false.

  2. I decided, late last night, that I'm going to give it a pass, for now. If I had access to it the minute I finished "Twilight", I might have rolled right into it. But I have sort of lost momentum now.

    I may come back to it at some point.


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