Friday, April 03, 2009

Amanda Bynes and Pedro Martinez

..would make a good pairing for Dancing with the Stars, actually.

This is Pedro Martinez:

and this is Amanda Bynes:

Amanda Bynes is 23 today. She has made a string of somewhat forgettable movies, but her first star turn that I was aware of was The Amanda Show, a sketch comedy half hour on Nickelodeon that was surprisingly watchable, for children's television. It made gentle fun of gangster movies, Judge Judy, spy movies-things like that- with a cleverness and a light touch that made it watchable for an adult. It's a little hard for me to imagine her as a grownup, since my most vivid memory of her is as a teen.

Pedro Martinez is my personal marker-born a week after me, I have watched him progress from fireballing star, to dominant veteran, to fading star trying to summon a glistening reflection of what he used to be. Similarly, I'm not 23 years old any more either. Seeing Pedro struggle reminds me of that. And so it goes.

See? I can relate anything to baseball.

More important than all that, today is my wife's birthday, my mother in law's birthday(who literally made it all possible,since she gave birth to my wife and Simon's mother), and most important of all, the second birthday of Lord Simon, the most important boy what ever was, my beloved and pampered nephew.

Happy birthday to everyone.


  1. Haha, "As if I didn't already have enough evidence that I failed as a parent"- you're funny.

    I heard that the Osbournes were getting a new show....but I decided that was done with them once I saw Sharon punch/rip (can't remember which) some girl at the reunion show of 'Charm School'. Where she was the headmaster. Not too charming, I'd say.

    Anyway, happy b-days to your fam and I'm going to follow you, with hopes that you'll continue to post funny comments on my blog.



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