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Top Ten Bands Not In The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

According to this Time magazine article, these are the top ten bands not yet in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame:

Now, firstly, the notion of a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is a little bit silly-the whole idea of rock n roll should be, in a sense, opposed to the notion of things like halls of fame. And, similar to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the selection criteria are not super clear. But, here's the list, and my thoughts on each.


Not a fan, but important? Surely. Belongs in the Hall.

2.Pat Benatar

Not enough hits, in my opinion. Significant, maybe, but not historic.

3.Def Leppard

I loved Def Leppard, but one great album and a pretty good one should not be enough.


Nope. Lame in the extreme. Sorry, Jimmy Pardo. Nothing personal, dude.


Kind of the same as Def Leppard-I enjoyed them, but one great album and a pretty good one shouldn't be enough.


Not a huge fan until the "Invisible Touch" era, but their body of work should get them in.

7.The Doobie Brothers

No. No lasting impression on music that I am aware of.

8.The Moody Blues


9.Cheap Trick

Ditto again.


Absolutely. Like Bert Blyleven, should have been in several years ago. Hugely influential, with great music from first album to last.


  1. Chicago.

    You denied Chicago?

    Why? How?

    Back it up with more detail.

    I still adore you, but really? No love for Chicago?

  2. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, Miss Katie, but yeah. Chicago. Lame. Period.

    I couldn't name 5 of their songs if you held a gun to my head, and I can't think of ever enjoying anything they've ever done.

    Comedian Jimmy Pardo, who I also respect utterly, is NUTS about Chicago, too, so maybe it's just that I didn't get the memo.

  3. I've always been a big fan, old stuff more than the Stone of Sisyphus stuff.

    I'll slowly pick up the pieces of my broken heart :)

  4. Sorry.

    It's all subjective, anyway. But I never got them.

    Like I said, Jimmy Pardo loves them, too, so you're in good company.

    And they have been selling records and concert tickets since my wife was in diapers, so that counts for something.

  5. Genesis and the Moody Blues are two of the best bands ever, with numerous albums. As for the Moody Blues, "Days of Future Passed" is a big landmark... and influential too.

    "Chicago" is more than the (P)et(er) cetera mush they are most famous for. Their earlier material was harder and jazzier. Think "25 or 6 to Four".

  6. I'm sure you're right-I'm just unaware of it. I don't think I know another Moody Blues song other than "Knights in White Satin".

    And Chicago? I guess I missed it. It's like one of those recipes where you combine ingredients, all of which you like individually, into something that you don't like. Like the Jim Gaffigan joke, "Fruit...delicious....cake....delicious....fruitcake....nasty crap."

    I don't have any problem with jazz-Billy Joel's 52nd Street album, for example, is almost all jazz on Side 2. I don't have any problem with rock and roll. I just don't like Chicago. At all.

  7. I agree that maybe Chicago does not belong in, but the early stuff is worth a listen.

    Moody Blues? "Nights in White Satin", "Tuesday Afternoon" (from the same album), "Ride My Seesaw".

    As for Boston, near as I can tell, everyone of of their songs is the same.

  8. 1. Kiss
    Hated 'em in the beginning, middle and still hate 'em today. But, they were certainly influential (can't explain why, but they were), so I'm thinking they probably belong.

    2. Pat Benatar
    Great voice, one great album, not even close to being Hall worthy

    3. Def Leppard
    Loved the first album, after, unmemorable.

    4. Chicago
    It's amazing how the 1st album for many groups is the best one. Chicago falls into that category for me. If they ever make a pop HOF, then Chicago may have a home.

    5. Boston
    Loved Boston, but Hall material, probably not.

    6. Genesis
    Musically talented, but never did anything for me.

    7. Doobie Brothers
    I probably agree with you here.

    8. The Moody Blues
    I was never a fan myself, but they were pretty influential. I'd say border line.

    9. Cheap Trick
    Other than Live at Budokan, I can't think of any Trick album that's worth listening to.

    10. Rush
    There first five studio albums were absolutely brilliant! After that, they were just sort of ok. I think they do belong in the Hall, however.

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