Monday, September 14, 2009

Abbey Road (2009 Remastered Edition)

Buy the CDs here.

Yeah, I did it. So sue me. I went ahead and bought Abbey Road again. If you include my father's purchases as a young man, this makes the seventh or eighth time my family has handed the Fab Four money for some of these songs.

I'm not enough of an audio guy to tell you what the difference is. I think there is one, but I may be engaged in wishful thinking. The sound seems a little cleaner and richer, like there is more texture to it. Supposedly this is the first mix to take advantage of the full array of technical wizardry of the modern age, but I'm not smart enough to be able to tell.

The packaging, however, is gorgeous. It looks like a record, and the cases are lovely.

Will I buy more? Yeah.

Am I stupid? Almost certainly yes.

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  1. If it gives you pleasure... do it! Isn't that what you are buying? The pleasure of listening to it and seeing it? I think that makes it worth it. A moment of happiness is a treasure.


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