Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yeah, Drabble.

Peter DeWolf, who is an excellently excellent blogger I just stumbled across, had a contest for "Drabble"-a work of fiction of exactly 100 words. The theme is "Love".

Hell, I can do that.

The contest is over, but I've never been a fan of rules, so here goes:

"She looked at him from across the room, clearing the table while he watched. He was sitting there, absorbed in the baseball game, his face lit twice, by the TV screen and the laptop in front of him. He was tending towards flab, the way the husbands did in their circle. She was no prize either, she had to admit. Did he know? Probably not. It was over between them-the kids and her husband need never know. It was good to feel alive again, but it was also good to breathe without fear. She was sad. She wasn't sure why."

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