Saturday, June 12, 2010

100 Words: Those People

Another week, another 100 Word Challenge. It's located here, and if you don't get it by now, I don't know what else I can say to explain it. My entry is entitled "Those People".

I felt it before I heard it, and I heard it before I saw it. Lisa suddenly had a crowd of women around her desk, with flushed voices and high, excited laughter. I picked up my phone to feign work. Three years ago, it was weddings, friends and colleagues forcing you into pastel dresses and shoes. Now it's an epidemic of babies-swollen bellied women who talk of nothing but hormones and heaving, then later feedings and diapers. Was I less of a woman to not want any of this? To sit here is impolite, to join them unbearable. I stood.


  1. Oh, how true! Of course, I remember the guys in the office waxing enthusiastic about springtime home repairs and the wonders of Home Depot, lawn care, the sport of the season, etc. Seems somethings are universal.polliv

  2. P.S. That "polliv" at the end of my post seems to be a comment from Blogger. Huh.

  3. You nailed this one! So true.

  4. In the excitement of the moment it's easy to loose sight of those with very different life circumstances. Nice portrayal of the other point of view!


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