Friday, September 24, 2010

100 Words: Presentation Time

It's 100 Word Challenge Time Again, and here's my shot in the dark, called "Presentation Time". To play, hie thyself here

She focused her gaze on him, an assistant VP who was stammering his way through a presentation. In the artificial cool of the conference room, the man was sweating.

He had stopped for a moment when she questioned him, so she broke the silence, her voice firm. “You don’t KNOW which firm has a greater chance of failure? Isn’t that what we pay you to find OUT?”

It was all a setup. He didn’t have enough information to answer the question, and she knew it. A weak person would feel bad about setting him up to fail. She wasn’t weak.


  1. I've been on both ends of this conundrum, and I'll take her stiletto shoes any ole time over being the uninformed sweat-er.

  2. yikes! I want to know what her issue is. What happens next...I like it.


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