Friday, January 14, 2011

100 Words: "A Sister's Revenge"

The inimitable Velvet Verbosity, who is as close to invincible as mortal beings can hope to be, has issued another 100 Word Challenge to word nerds far and wide. This week's word is "Invicible", and my story is called "A Sister's Revenge"

Krista was always first, she thought, looking at her older sister's face grow red and contort with effort. The first to mature, the first to have a boyfriend, the first to marry, now the first to produce the grandchild their mother wouldn't admit to coveting. Krista was the prow on the front of the family ship- indestructible and perfect. She both loved and hated that about her- nothing she did would be anything but a reflection, because Krista was first.

The doctors told Krista to push, and she swore back at them.

Not so invincible now, she thought.


  1. HAha....Love the smart-alec last line. Some things bring everyone to their knees. Great take on sibling rivalry :D

  2. bwahahahaha!
    As the oldest of two (but who had the second grandchild) and the mother of two daughters . . . I so get this.

    Thanks :)

  3. I enjoyed this... I felt as though I was reading something my little sister would write. Its not easy being the first. When you are the first, you are the first to make mistakes.

  4. Ha... it's not always better to be the first. Loved this.

  5. Such a perfect example of sisterly relationship.

  6. LOL you can feel the jealousy and rivalry though the piece and, despite the few words to work with, we still get a laugh at the end. Great work!

  7. Great job capturing the emotion and tension.

  8. Superb!

    I am the first of three sisters, and my youngest sister would tell me how she bragged about how awesome and strong I was that she began to fear her friends would expect I could lift a car with my bare hands and be sorely disappointed when I couldn't.

    Sibling relationships are so strange and wonderful and so emotionally charged by arbitrary factors such as birth order.


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