Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 Marvelous Things

1. Vanessa Woods' book "Bonobo Handshake". I heard about her on PRI's "To The Best Of Our Knowledge", and I went to the library and got it out. I didn't expect much of it or from it. I'm not a big ecology reader, and not really an animal person. Sorry, I'm just not. But I loved this book- she's earthy, funny, and makes the story about the region and the people as much as the animals. Very highly recommended.

2. Once again, To The Best Of Our Knowledge. They continually make really compelling hours of radio, about all sorts of topics.

3. Mike Schmidt's The Forty Year Old Boy podcast. Mike is profane, longwinded, but funny as hell. Basically think like Eric Bogosian, except with less hair. #referencesabout7peoplewillget

4. Michael Cunningham's new book "At Nightfall". Engaging and hypnotizing. It is the story of people I don't know anything about and am nothing like, and they come to life brilliantly. He makes me weak with jealousy.

5. Kelly


  1. Kelly's blog is in my reader now. Terrific prose and powerful emotions. Thanks.

  2. Thank you to both Mike and Lance. Really. You are sweet. I don't feel deserving. I'm just muddling through in that space. Trying to sort it all out so my brain doesn't melt.

  3. Kel-

    Whatever it is, it works. I never leave your page the same as when I came in. However confusing it seems, you explain it beautifully, and it always comes out clear on this end.


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