Thursday, May 19, 2011

100 Word Challenge: Duck Phone

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge doesn't wish to brag, but it could easily have scored 48 points on the Oklahoma City Thunder. The word is "chasm", and my entry is called "Duck Phone".

I stared at the phone, a carved, painted wooden duck.

"I'll still see you on weekends and stuff," she said cheerily.

Clearly, there was a gap between what I thought we had and what she did.

"That's not the point," I said softly.

Someone to sleep with was certainly nice, but it was far from the whole thing.

"Why isn't it the point?," she asked.

Indeed, why wasn't it? She was offering, it seemed, what every man wants- no strings attached.

"It just isn't," I stammered. "We are more than that."

"We were," she said.


  1. ouch indeed! Good glimpse into a once upon a time couple's life devolving.

  2. Excellent piece.

    So, who is this woman and how do I meet her?

  3. These days, I find that's often the case: women wanting something unemotional, and men wanting relationships!

  4. ouch.
    Definitely a role reversal from the 'traditional' and harsh when you weren't informed that the relationship's changed.

  5. Nice. And I completely and utterly agree with Alexia.

  6. Had to laugh at Lceel. Every guy "thinks" he wants no strings attached, but then there's always that one. But oh, poor guy, I feel for him.

    Also, this reminds of me of the Buddhist tenet of "right sexual conduct". Unlike other moralistic views of sexuality (no sex until marriage or similar), it's about assessing and being mindful of each interaction, whether casual or committed. I've always preferred that view.


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