Monday, May 16, 2011

Artist's Way: Week Two Check In

In a word, I didn't. (OK, that's two words.) No morning pages, no artist dates (except another paper and pen purchase I didn't need to make). The problem for me is time, plain and simple. I need time to create, and I don't have it. I know the author means well, and I know Velvet means well, but I can't help feeling a little silly trying to do this.


  1. Time is always a problem. I know it is for me. I don't want to try to sway you one way or the other because this is a personal journey that must be undertaken for personal reasons. But, if you decide to jump back in, I'll be your cheerleader. If you truly can't, I'll still love you just the same. :)

  2. You're too sweet, Velvet.

    The part I'm having trouble getting past is that everyone means well- Cameron especially. The book just doesn't seem to be speaking to me. I want it to. It just isn't. I like the idea of weekly thinking about where I am as a writer, so I may keep checking in. But I have an inner productivity virus- I have trouble sitting down without a task in mind.

  3. I promised I would leave a word too so here I am. One of the hardest ideas for me to accept is that I need to take time to just BE. So I hear you on this.

    When it is time - IF it is time - I hope you will be able to delete that inner productivity virus.

    In the meantime - thank you for the words you write. I am touched by them often.

  4. I first did TAW, well, a long time ago, in my mid-ish 20s, and I loved the book and I did morning pages and artist dates for many years, if not religiously, certainly I did them most of the time. When R was a toddler, you know, shit got out of hand and I stopped for a few years, though I mostly kept coming back to morning pages. I tried to rekindle with some of Cameron's sequels recently, but I found I ... didn't like her books at all. I *wanted* to, very much, and kept trying for a while, but in the end, blech, I tossed the books. I am still journaling daily, though, or my mind turns into a pressure cooker of crazy. Three pages every day, it's not good writing, but it lets me vomit out all sorts of junk that needs out. Maybe you're already doing what you need, through other activities, letter-writing, maybe, as an alternative to a journal :)

  5. I, too, find Cameron irritating and I've been intending to write about it (but haven't had time, of course), so I hear ya. This week, I skipped straight to the tasks cuz I can't hear any more talk about how great it is to be sober and how God is in my work. People who've read some of my work wouldn't agree with that. Maybe next week just go straight to the tasks and see if that's any better for you?


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