Saturday, May 14, 2011

100 Word Challenge: Who Are You?

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge will neither confirm nor deny whether it intends to run for president in 2012. This week's word is "forgetting", and this story is called "Who Are You?"

Tara watched the rain streak the window.

"What is it?" Steven said from the bed. She didn't turn around.

"Is it that I'm married? Is that it?"

Tara fervently wished it was. That, she could understand. Simple, straightforward guilt, she could grasp. Tara could take the stolen afternoons in the hotels under another name, the hours and days without any contact, the knowing glances of the maid. That came with the territory.

The part she hated was the way it turned her against herself, making her forget all the times she condemned others for doing what she did so easily.


  1. Our 100 word challenge heroine, Tara, will apreciate the tribute in your story.

    More great work, Michael. Your writing style makes me jealous and proud.

  2. Wow! Once again, powerful. I wish I could write as succinctly and vividly as you do. Love it!

  3. The beginning of her downward spiral? Her inner conflict is clear in this piece.

    Nice choice for your protagonist's name.

  4. Nice and tight. Well done - a WHOLE story in 100 words.

  5. We always think we know what we'll do, or what we'll NEVER do - until we find ourselves somewhere we never expected to be. How little we understand anything, least of all ourselves.

    Well done.


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