Saturday, September 24, 2011

100 Word Challenge: Tuesday Morning, 9:37 AM

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge is drying slowly in the fall sun. The word is "Occupy," and I call this "Tuesday Morning, 9:37 AM"

It was oceans and rivers of talk.

"And then the monster said his eggs were hidden in the secret places and then Thomas said …,"

Cameron's blue eyes were wide. She was forcing her swollen face into an expression of intense interest, but she was craving silence, just waiting for the waves of words to finally stop.

"...he could take me to Knapford Station, and I said..."

Searching for something to occupy him, she did what she swore she would never do.

The TV came on. "It was a sunny day on the Island of Sodor...," the narrator said.


  1. there are a couple of Camerons in my family - I feel her pain. And there is not a mom or gramma in the world who doesn't understand the frustration and the giving in of turning on. Love this.

  2. Yep, been there, done that. Both my kids still turned out okay.

  3. Ha ha! Nicely done. Yeah. . .Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning. . .the days are long and there are many opportunities to engage. Sometimes it's good to have a little space.

  4. Oh yes--she's been awake since six! Robin

  5. Ha, it took me a second to orient myself in this, but I wonder how many television sets turn on across the world for this very reason.


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