Friday, September 23, 2011

Terrible Minds Challenge: The Buck Stops

Chuck Wendig, lord and master of all he surveys, issued a flash fiction challenge last week to use three of five words he gave you in a 100 Word Flash Fiction piece. My entry is called "The Buck Stops".

"New! With Bio Enzyme Cleaning Power!," the label to the cleanser said, though it still smelled the same. Julie was cleaning out the back seat of her SUV, her kids at Grandma's house. She finished wiping the seat and looked underneath, quickly regretting it. Old French fries, a bishop from a travel chess set, and a lollipop cemented to the carpeting. If she were at work, she could order it done, but here at home, there's no way to get out of the manual labor.


She misses being home, but right now, she longs for the office.

1 comment:

  1. Stop writing my life! Seriously, the detail of exactly what is under the car seat is so vivid. Beautiful.


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