Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lily Childs Feardom 100 Word Challenge: "Dunkirk"

Searching for a new 100 Word Challenge, I came across Lily Childs' Feardom, where she offers three key words on which to build a story. The words are ruby, blade, and evacuate, and my story is called "Dunkirk".

So this is where it all ends. The loft of a old barn, already starting to collapse from the fire. The sky glowed ruby red with flame. The order to evacuate sent everyone into a panic, scrambling for spots on any ship headed anywhere. The noose was tightening, the artillery explosions closer and closer. I carried in my head information that could doom others, so when escape became impossible, I had to do it. I knew enough German to know they were demanding my surrender, pounding on the door. I drew the blade against the side of my neck.

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