Friday, March 23, 2012

100 Word Song: Raye

My pal Lance, whose blog will fight for its right to beat up your blog, has issued the 100 Word Song clarion call with Social Distortion's "Sick Girl". My story is called, simply, "Raye".

​Raye spelled her name with an "E". That's how she would tell you. "Raye. With an E." When someone called her something, she would spit back an epithet even worse. There was no challenge she wouldn't take up, no one she couldn't outdrink, no outfit she wouldn't wear. She would fight at the drop of a hat, or even if someone happened to be wearing a hat. She lived her life angry, like she had a grudge against the universe for creating her. But no matter how she looked at the stick, it still said "pregnant".


  1. then she came over to my blog and promptly spewed!

  2. I've read this six times. My reaction is the same each time.

    "off!" Like I've been punched in the gut.

    I like how you build up her wall, then blow it up in the last sentence. briliant.


  3. Oh goodness. This is by far my favorite this week. It is true and it is real. PERFECT!

  4. Did not see that coming - awesome!


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