Sunday, March 18, 2012

100 Word Song- Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)

My amigo Lance, whose blog will pull the sweater over your blog's head and pummel it, refills the 100 Word Song chalice this week with a song called "Satisfied" by Ashley Monroe.

"Satisfied? No, I'm not satisfied. I know you think I'm never happy. But guess what? I'm not. What makes you think I would be? When I say I want to go out, I mean out, not down to the bar to watch the game. I mean someplace where you have to wear a tie, someplace where there is a wine list. God damn it, I want to feel like a woman again, and less like a brood mare. The baby is fine, trust me. Just look at me again, look at me like you used to. Make me feel real."


  1. hah! the good news is, i have never felt like a brood mare. whew.

  2. Nice - a little too close to home, but nice!

  3. i keep clicking on this. sorry. heh. MUST READ AGAIN.


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