Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge: "Fight Night"

Velvet Verbosity, whose failure to win a Tony Award can only be described as a massive oversight, chose "reflecting" as this week's word. I call this "Fight Night"

"Mom- MEEEEEE!," Lucy said, her voice splitting the air. "Eva's doing everything I do!" Lucy walked into the kitchen, fists balled on her hips, face contorted with anger. "Make her STOP!"

Eva followed behind, shooting me a puzzled look. She saw her older sister and immediately adopted the same pose. "See?!??!?!?," Lucy cried.

I had a flash of memory, my own mother wading into a fight between my brother and I, holding us apart with two massive hands, bellowing, "Someday you're going to have children that are JUST LIKE YOU!"

I never knew what a curse it was.


  1. oh good lord the number of times i hear "mama! he's copying me!" ARGH.

  2. On a long ago road trip my then young children were snipping at each other when my daughter complained that her brother was 'breathing my air.' I am living with the same curse from my mother.

  3. Ancient Irish Mother's curse: May you have two children JUST LIKE YOU.

    heh - not that I did that to MY girls - or anything - bwahahahaha

    1. gotta watch out for those ancient Irish mothers, ya know. ;)

  4. I love these moments of children fighting for their footing in the world. :-) I would imagine that being a mother is like a mirror into your past at least 20 times a day.


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