Saturday, June 09, 2012

100 Word Song: "Remember to Forget, Forget to Remember"

Friend of man and robot Leeroy and his humanoid buddy Lance issue this week's 100 Word Song Challenge with Damien Rice's "Elephant". This is called "Remember to Forget, Forget to Remember".

We were emptying boxes , seeing if there was anything worth saving. There often was not. He took out a white box with a red logo, a circle with a very dark looking elephant in the center.

"What's this?," he said.

"Computer disks," I said.

"What's on them?"

"No way to know."

"What if it's important?"

"It isn't. My father was smart enough to leave important things where they would be found."

"But what's on them?"

"Probably nothing. Forget it," I said.

"I don't wanna forget anything," he said.

None of us do, I thought.


  1. I was sorting through some office junk from an old job and found a few diskettes. I have no idea what's on them, but have to wonder why I kept them. Oh well... the world will never know.

  2. i have a couple cassette tapes i can never let go of, just in case!


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