Monday, April 14, 2008

Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)

I was too busy, and too lazy, to set up the XM tonight, so I'm catching up with the Sox in the 7th, trailing in Cleveland 4-1.

Lester started, yielding to Tavarez, who actually pitched effectively for once. An uprising now, Pedroia knocking in a run with an infield single, chasing Cool Hand Jake, Jake Westbrook. Rafael Betancourt now, to face Ortiz, who he strikes out. You would expect a lefty, but Wedge didn't go that way. The way Ortiz is struggling, I guess there's no need.

I hate like hell to admit it, but David doesn't look right.

Two runners on, with Manny at the plate and two out, trailing 4-2. Manny looks at called strike three to end the inning.

I listened to Elton John's "Kiss The Bride" on the way home, and I thought about what a perfect lyric it is. It jusr cries out to be included in the book I'm never going to write. Also heard "Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)", which I am almost certain was about John Lennon. It made me think of my friend Josh, who had just died when this song came out on his "Greatest Hits III" album, which is where I heard it first.


  1. I love that music takes you to a place and a person. That's amazing right? And sometimes I will hear a classical piece and feel myself in another place with the melody. It's almost like time travel and a bit of deja'vu.

  2. I cant listen to "Adagio for Strings" without seeing the end credits of "Platoon".


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