Sunday, April 13, 2008

The First FInale-Game Thirteen

Game Three of Armageddon Illustrated, Yankees @ Red Sox

Game Thirteen, April 13, 2008

First Inning

Dice K pitching.

Walk to Damon. Uh oh.

Fly out to center by Cano.

Walk to Abreu. This is bad. Real, real bad. He can't do this and win.

5-4-3 DP from ARod. Sweet. But he lucked out, there.

Ellsbury up. St. Philip of Hughes is having trouble throwing strikes, too.

Walk to Ellsbury.

Ellsbury steals, and Molina II throws the ball into center, and Ellsbury scoots to third.

Pedroia frozen on a curve for called strike three.

Walk to Drew. This game is going to take 6 hours to play.

Manny works the count to 3-2, then singles to center, scoring Ellsbury and sending Drew to third. 1-0. Hail The Bad Man!!

Youk flies to center, scoring Drew. 2-0.

Sean Casey clubs a ground rule double into the right field grandstand, Manny to third.

And Manny comes home on a PB! 3-0! Disarray in Yankeeland.

And Hughes breaks off a gorgeous hook for strike three. Nice pitch. But I'm happy to grab a 3-0 lead.

The first inning took about 45 minutes. Gawd.

Walk to Matsui. Grrrrrrrrrr....

Posada fouls out to Varitek, after going to 3-2.

C'mon, Kaibatsu, throw some strikes.

Now the Giambino...flies out to left.

/John Adams break!

It's into the presidential years, with all the infighting and the XYZ affair and all that. The reviews have been lukewarm, but I think it's brilliant.

It seems the comments about the clean teeth of all the characters were ill placed, since the characters all seem to have dirty ones now.

The Yankees got one run in the third-double from Abreu scoring Damon from second.

3-1 after 2 1/2

The Alien and Sedition Acts are deeply meaningful, given the current climate.

Safety and security vs. freedom...sound familiar?

Adams agonizes over it, then signs the Acts.

Meanwhile, Youk singles in another run...4-1.

And Casey singles in another.....5-1.

So much for that Dominant Yankee Young Pitching.

2+ innings for the Talented Mr. Hughes. Wow. Even Buchholz was better than that.

Youk scores on a WP, then Casey scores on an Ellsbury single. 7-1!

Adams continues to lose control of his family and his administration. I can't understand why the critics dont like this show. The characters are tremendous, interesting and rich. The acting is excellent, the costumes amazing.

The White House is being built, by slaves, which the show does not shrink from.

The Wandering Molina doubles, scoring Matsui. 7-2.

The Attorney General singles in a run as well, 7-3.

This lead isn't THAT strong.

Damon hits a sac fly, 7-4.

(John Adams Break Over)

Boston loads the bases on two walks and a single in the bottom of the 4th with one out. This game really is going to take forever.

Varitek grounds into DP to end the threat. Hope we don't regret that.

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