Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Talented Mr. Lowrie

April 15,2008

If you haven’t started your taxes yet, it’s probably way too late to start.

XM is being finicky today, so no Red Sox. I’ll have to catch up when I get home. After the last two games, I’m pretty exhausted. XM is pretty neat for long car rides, but it gets annoying when you can’t get a signal. Like now.

Oh well, just when I was ready to give up, it comes in, Wakefield walking Franklin Gutierrez to open the bottom of the third inning. 0-0 thus far. In Cleveland, so I get the Cleveland feed. Their announcers are a little homey, but not bad. They do root, but not dramatically so. One of them is usually Tom Hamilton, who I assume is not the Aerosmith guitar player.

Aerosmith is coming out with a Guitar Hero version of their own. That should be exciting if it gets my son into the Smith, but I’m not sure if it will get me to pick the game up. I have tried it a couple of times, but I am terrible at it, and I simply won’t devote the time to get any better.

Gutierrez stole second, but Wakefield just spun and picked him off. Then he walked Casey Blake. Sigh. Wakefield being Wakefield.

Grady Sizemore, who is reportedly quite the hottie, now. Hell of a ballplayer, though.

Sizemore flies out to right.

Now a single from David Dellucci, International Man of Mystery, sends Blake to third.

STRIKE THREE CALLED on Travis “Pronk” Hafner, who hasn’t been good in about a year and half. Tim Wakefield and his Magic Flutterball survive to fight another day.

Paul Byrd is pitching for Cleveland, another guy who, like Joe Borowski, has used up 11 or 12 of his 9 baseball lives.

But it’s still scoreless after 4.

The announcers mentioned that Carlos Baerga is going to throw out the first ball in Cleveland tomorrow. When I was in college, I was talking to a woman in a humanities class who told me, really apropos of nothing, that she had had an affair with Baerga when he came into town with the Indians. I had confessed to being a baseball fan, I believe, and she asked me if I had heard of Baerga. He was an All Star a couple of times, I believe, and a very good hitter and regular player for one of Boston’s rivals, so I could hardly not have heard of him, so I said I had. So she told me that she had slept with him. Felice, I believe her name was, and she wore her hair, I think I remember, in one of those 80s style haircuts with curls on top but very short on the sides. She was fairly attractive, but then again, every female is when you’re 20 and single. The fact that she knew who Carlos Baerga was added to her attractiveness, but the way that she learned it subtracted a little bit. But only a little. I didn’t have standards when I was 20.

Boston has worked a run home, Ellsbury doubling and scoring on an RBI FC by Jed Lowrie, his first big league RBI.

The announcers have revealed that Borowski is hurt, having suffered a strained triceps, so he’s going to be out for 4 weeks. Ironically, that makes Cleveland better, because they will put a real pitcher in to be their closer now. Which also raises the question, if Joe Borowski was hurt and pitching poorly, how would you tell?

Wakefield’s in trouble again, 1st and 3rd with one out. Two run single to center by Victor Martinez, Sox trail 2-1. Wakefield gets a DP to escape the jam. After 5, Cleveland 2, Boston 1.

Uh oh. 1 out, bottom 6, and Lugo goes down in a heap behind second base trying to track down a ground ball. Yipes.

Cabrera, who reaches on an error, is thrown out stealing by Cash for the second out.

I heard a rap song today by a guy named Paris on Adam Curry’s show that I think I might download. I’m not a big rap guy, but I loved it.

Now safely home, my wife in a snit over a percieved snub, Boston comes back again in the ninth, breaking up a 3-3 tie with a Varitek homer and a Youkilis RBI single. The other three runs were knocked in by Jed Lowrie in his major league debut.

Welcome to the majors, Mr. Lowrie.

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