Friday, May 16, 2008

Fine Whine

May 16, 2008

What a whiny post yesterday. Sometimes I disgust myself.

The Red Sox are playing today, but I’m not sure who we have. It’s Interleague Play time, so undoubtedly it’s a National League foe. Braves, probably-we get them every year, being their “natural rival”. I don’t recall who exactly we get this year, though. I tried to get it on my phone, but I guess with all the rain it’s not liking the Internet right now.

Jason Calacanis of twittered that Jerry Lewis makes $3m for hosting the Labor Day Telethon. That seems unreasonable.

Phone just came up-we get the Brew Crew-the Milwaukee Brewers. They can hit-boy, can they hit-but they have some pitching issues. One of those in between teams, like Toronto or Tampa-you can beat them, if things go your way, but if you don’t play well, they can and will steal your lunch money and beat up your little sister.

According to ESPN’s Peter Pascarelli, Clay the Wonder Horse isn’t throwing enough fastballs. That might explain his struggles, because he’s got a great, great arm.

Chipper Jones is hitting .400 on the year. Chipper Jones is one of those athletes that I have seen perform for their whole career, and when he goes into the Hall of Fame, I’m going to look at their numbers and say “Wow. He really did that? I can’t believe I didn’t appreciate him more.”

I was watching Tim Duncan play last night, and I kind of think the same thing about him. Seeing him play, you can really appreciate pure basketball intelligence. Always the right play, the killer pass, the long jumper as time expires-one of the best who ever lived. I hate to see Chris Paul leave the playoffs-he is giving as much effort as anyone since the young Allen Iverson-but I don’t think he has the horses to compete with San Antonio in a game seven.

The Celtics, up 3-2, play Cleveland tonight to move into the Eastern Finals. They are without, reportedly, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, which gives LeBron James one less kick out partner to pass to. That can’t hurt Boston’s chances. I love LeBron-he is deeply talented and capable of many, many things, but hometown is thicker than water-I hope my boys send him home.

I’m kind of back in a sports groove. Hopefully that will presage an improvement in my mood. It may just be 45 minutes until I’m home for the weekend-two straight days off.

Great BS Report this week, with ESPN's Sage Steele. He really got into the fanboy talk, which is when Bill is at his most entertaining. So many sportswriters seem not to like sports, which is bizarre.

The Boston-Milwaukee game was rained out, no doubt part of the same system that is pouring rain down on me as we speak. Boston is in Cleveland, trailing but making a run halfway through the fourth quarter.

Why is Kevin Garnett shooting jump shots?

Boston made a nice run, but back to back baskets from James, plus a back breaking three from Wally Szcerbiak that he launched from suburban Canton, proved to be too much, I fear.

They got it down to 5, inside of a minute, but a semi lame offensive foul on Paul Pierce, then a semi lame non goaltend didn't help. Oh well. Game Seven to come, in Boston. I fear Bill Simmons may be right, this team may not be good enough to get past the Pistons, even if they can get past Cleveland.

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