Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Game 56

Tonight is Game 56 of the 2008 season for the Boston Red Sox. With Dice K having left yesterday's start with some kind of a back or hip issue, before the team came back to tie, and also before they blew it in the ninth, and despite the utter awfulness of the last week or so, one has to feel pretty good about where the team stands. 1/2 game out of first, and they have taken a few body blows without going into a total team wide, lose 15 of 18 freak out.

David Ortiz has seemingly roused himself from his early season funk, and with an inconsistent Josh Beckett, a consistently awful Tim Wakefield, and the in and out maneuverings of Lester and Buchholz, things are pretty much fine across Red Sox Nation. If I were Tampa, I'd be nervous, because they have been playing above their heads, and they can't put the division away. Tampa is a pain in the neck, and they will probably continue to be such in the future-no more marching in, taking your 3 out of 4, and going back home. I'm pleased for them, as long as they don't screw up our plans.

I would hate to come into a September series needing to sweep them, that's for sure. With just about 1/3 of the season gone, Boston is more or less where it wants and needs to be.

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