Friday, May 30, 2008

Time for a couple of wins, gents.

In Baltimore, Boston is in the 11th tied with the O's, 2-2. I kinda think we should be beating the Orioles easier than that.

In Detroit, Boston leads Detroit, 75-74, in the fourth.

Steal, followed by a Pierce fallaway, 77-74.

Two Pierce free throws, 79-74.

High arcing shot from Rasheed, 79-76

Spinning jumper from the key by Garnett, 81-76

12th inning now, still 2-2.

Rondo jumper, 83-76.

Boston seems like they might be taking control. only 2:32 to play.

My wife had a bad day at the office. As usual, her sensitivity is getting the better of her. A coworker is upset with her because my wife didn't cover for her misbehavior. The truth is a harsh mistress.

My wife thinks it's her fault-it seems like she attracts nuttiness. I keep trying to tell her it's not her, it's humanity.

Like Brian Wilson, she just wasn't made for these times.

Chauncey Billups gets past James Posey for a hoop and a cheap foul, 83-79.

Celtics miss, then a critical backdoor steal by James Posey.

Two free throws from Pierce, 85-79.

The Lakers are in, apparently, so if Boston holds on, expect a lot of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird for the next week or so.

Mike Timlin's pitching in the bottom of the 12th. This shouldn't take long.

85-79, less than 40 seconds to go.

Pierce free throw, 86-79.

Nick Markakis double, and then Aubrey Huff walk with one out. See, told you.

Two free throws from Ray Allen, 88-79.

Detroit basket, followed by 1 of 2 from Pierce, and it's over. A terrific 4th quarter and the Boston Celtics are in the NBA Finals for the first time since I was 15 years old. Terrific.

Kevin Millar grounds into a fielder's choice, then Timlin walks Luke Scott to face Ramon Hernandez with two out.

Ramon flies out, so we're on to the 13th. Hey, I thought the pluses of coming back home would be the games ending at a reasonable time!

Scott McClellan is making the rounds, promoting his book and causing right wingers to have conniption fits. I tend to believe him, partially because he had everything to lose by going public, and partially because the information fits in with EVERYTHING I'VE READ AND LEARNED IN THE LAST SEVEN YEARS.

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