Friday, May 30, 2008

Who the hell is Freddie Bynum?

Melvin Mora threw a ball away, allowing Manny to reach second, where Big Mike Lowell brought him home, for a 3-2 Boston lead.

I think Papelbon might be the only Boston hurler left, so he should pitch the bottom of the 13th.

The Freddie Bynum (WHO?) throws another ball away, scoring two more runs for a 5-2 lead.

Inning over, Papelbon coming on for Boston.

Adam Jones grounded out, old friend Jay Payton now hitting for Bynum. (WHO?)

Payton strikes out, Pap apparently in top form.

Brian Roberts struck out, ending the game.

Nice pair of wins. Celtics in the finals, Boston finally, if a little late, back in the win column. Puts a nice, benign spin on the rest of my day.

One of the major themes of McClellan's statements is how disillusioned he was that George W. Bush didn't fulfill his promise of being a uniter. I remember clearly, myself, reading about Bush's time in Texas after the fiasco of the Bush/Gore decision and thinking, well, maybe this won't be that bad. George Bush Sr. was a pretty decent man, in retrospect.

Like most people, I had no idea just how much evil that this man had in him.


  1. Did any of us? I keep asking how he ever got re-elected? I think denial is so much stronger than we give it credit for being.

  2. It ain't just a river in Egypt.


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