Sunday, June 01, 2008

On The Road Again

May 31, 2008

In Baltimore, Boston churned out a workmanlike 6-3 win, highlighted my Manny Ramirez' 500th home run off of submariner Chad Bradford.

Note to the Baltimore Orioles: If you're wondering why you continue to struggle, a hint is perhaps the fact that, if the answer to the question, "Who can we get to play here?" is "Alex Cintron"-you need some better answers.

I'm in a Days Inn in Branford, Connecticut, watching another of my precious weekends draining away into the dust.,9171,1083911,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-bottom

Why is the DEA hounding this doctor?

Because the United States Government is not interested in treating those who are in pain, it is only interested in chasing the phantoms of drug abuse.

My brother, like some other people I know, needs to not invite 30 people into a place with space for ten.

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