Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Watchmen

Being a follower rather than a leader, I just finished "The Watchmen", a graphic novel republished by DC Comics in a "look, there's a movie coming out!" edition.

It was marvelous. It feels a little geeky and stupid to read what is, essentially, a comic book, but as the story progresses, you pretty swiftly forget that there are pictures. It is set in an alternate universe, mostly during the 1980s, but with outings various other time periods. It is somewhat similar to "The Incredibles"- "TI" borrowed the plot point of the population revolting against superheroes. Its a superhero story, and a quasi-sci fi story, but, more importantly, its a brilliant story, with complex characters and a fast moving plot. Brilliant. I loved it.

Now moving on to Chuck Klosterman's "Downtown Owl", his first novel.

There's a new Survivor? Really? You'd think they'd run a commercial or something.

Currently watching the Eagles and Steelers on CBS, and they are packing it chock full of previews of their fall shows. The Eagles lost McNabb for a short time, and have lost Westbrook, seemingly for the rest of the game, but their defense is smothering Roethlisberger and the Steelers. Currently Philly leads 10-6.

I root for the Eagles, if only because it makes people in this area so happy. I also kind of root for McNabb in the same way I rooted for Marino and Elway and Peyton Manning-their greatness assured because of other achievements, they need a title so the yahoos will give it a rest. (Marino never got his, I know. He'll just have to settle for the mad phat Nutri System bucks. )

Rating professional players on the basis of titles is kind of like evaluating mothers on the basis of how many children they have. It's a measurement, but not a fair one.

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