Sunday, October 19, 2008

ALCS LB G7: So this is it...

Game Seven, American League Championship Series
Boston @ Tampa
Jon Lester vs. Matt Garza
As Ian Astbury once put it, "This is where it all ends..."

Top One

Coco tries to bunt his way on, and Matt Garza throws about 800 miles an hour to first to get him easily.

Garza tries to sneak a ball past Our Man DP inside, and like trying to sneak sunrise past a rooster, he lines it into the left field seats for a quick 1-0 lead.

Big Papi walks.

Our Man Youk flies into the right field corner, and Papi has to hustle back to avoid being doubled off.

JD Drew, Minister of Clutchiness, strikes out swinging.

Bottom One

Makes one wonder which Lester we're going to see-the tired one or the brilliant one.

Hopefully the latter.

Willy Aybar is the DH for Tampa? Seriously? That's the best you can do?

Iwamura grounds out.

Upton hits an artillery shell to the base of the wall in right, but Drew catches it.

Lester seems to have his velocity back. He's hitting 95 with location.

Pena strikes out.

Top Two

Interesting commercial for JG Wentworth-not usually the kind of commercials you get during baseball. There was an article in the New Yorker about those companies-the kind who get people who won lotteries or lawsuits to agree to

Sittin on the Dock of the Bay whiffs.

Mark "Line Drives are my business, and business is good" Kotsay hits the ball hard up the middle, but Jason Bartlett at short throws him out.

Jason Varitek, Oh Captain My Captain, takes a gorgeous curve for strike three.

Bottom Two

Evan Longoria, the Desperate Third Baseman, grounds out to short.

Carl Crawford, who is a Man Among Boys, whiffs.

The Other Aybar grounds to third.

Top Three

Alex (not Joey) Cora flies out to left.

Coco whiffs.

Our Man DP takes one off the forearm.

DP steals on a ball in the dirt-no throw.

Then Papi strikes out, ending the inning.

Bottom Tree

Dioner (Dont Call me Jaime) Navarro whiffs, swinging wildly and late at an outside pitch.

Rhode Island's own Rocco Baldelli takes called strike three. A lazer on the outside corner.

Jason Bartlett pops out.

Jon Lester is a machine.

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