Sunday, October 19, 2008

ALCS LB III: G7: The Final Countdown

Top Seven

Youkilis pops up.

8 outs left.

Drew gets a walk

Jason Bay singles sharply to left.

Mark Kotsay, who is a beautiful human being, flies out deep enough to right to get Drew to third.

7 outs left.

Jason Varitek, who is number 25 on the list of Hitters I Most Want Up Right Now, whiffs on a ball in the dirt.

6 outs left.

Bottom Seven

The Other Aybar sends a long, looping homer into the left field stands. Sigh. 3-1.

Navarro flies out softly to right.

Baldelli strikes out swinging

Bartlett flies out to center.

Top Eight. Gross now in right field.

Cora singles on a bad hop grounder to short.

Maddon takes Garza out for Dan "Nautical" Wheeler.

TBS plays Billy Joel's "Pressure".

Crisp singles to right.

Our Man DP flies out to left, just missing it, for the first out.

5 to go.

JP (Thurston) Howell (what is WITH this team and initials?) on to face Ortiz.

Ortiz grounds into a force, first and third with two out

4 to go

Chad Bradford, the Human Groundball Machine, on to face Youk.

Our Man Youk works a walk.

Bases loaded. Young David Price, last year's number one pick, on now. Nasty pitcher.

JD Drew, Certified Postseason Hero(TM), takes called strike three on a pitch a foot outside. SIgh.

3 outs to go. I really think this is it.

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