Thursday, January 22, 2009

Farewell, Mr. Kent,0,3490702.story

Jeff Kent retired today after a 17 year career. He's probably the best second baseman of the last two decades, and is pretty much a sure shot Hall of Famer.

A little disturbing-a NSA whistleblower is claiming that the NSA eavesdropped on a lot more conversations than previously thought.

The Oscar nominations came out. As usual, outside of the animated films, I have seen none of them. I am a little surprised they didn't nominate "Dark Knight" for best picture.

This is cute-a 11 month old got his father busted by calling 911. When the police arrived, they found the father's marijuana growing operation. This actually happened to me, except without the marijuana growing part. One morning, while waiting for my wife to finish dressing, I was watching my son play with the phone. I took it away from him, but 10 or so minutes later, the police were at our door. We reassured them that we were fine, but they still came in to make sure I wasn't beating my wife.

This is really interesting-after the tragic BART killing around the holiday, apparently the police took cameras from some witnesses. I have always wondered if they actually had the right to do this. According to this blogger, they really don't. As some of the commenters point out, it's not like most people are really going to test this theory.


  1. "apparently the police took cameras from some witnesses"

    I guess if I were in a situation and it looked like this would happen, I would quickly remove the memory chip and keep it before the cops got to me.

  2. Someone suggested that on the comment thread to the link that I posted-carry around a dummy card and hand that over.

    But I think his point is interesting-what possible use do they have for it, if not to

  3. cover something up? Yes, evidence, I suppose, but you can subpoena that. It doesn't seem right that they can do that.

  4. I'll see you on the links...


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