Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Cartoon Flap

Apparently, this cartoon, from the New York Post, has caused a fuss and bother. Some apparently think the chimp is supposed to represent the President, and some argue that the cartoon is making reference to an actual chimp that was shot in Stamford, Connecticut recently, I guess implying that the stimulus is so bad, even a chimp could have written it better.

I object to the cartoon mostly because it isn't funny.


  1. I force myself to watch CNN at the gym instead of listening to bad 80s music like I want to.

    2 things I didn't get this week:

    1) Why are you making watch coverage of the crazy attack chimp?
    2) How is it possible that this New Yorker Cartoon is racist?

    Word to your post.

  2. I just read a not funny Dilbert comic sent to me....and now this one. Sad day for comics.

  3. RB-This is a New York Post cartoon, not a New Yorker one. I can usually at least understand a New Yorker cartoon, if not laugh at it.

    Nik-That's odd. Dilbert is usually funny.

    I guess I can understand people being offended by it-but you have to stretch quite a bit to get to a racist interpretation.


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