Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sir Elton

It's Elton John's birthday today. Here's Sir Elton, performing "Your Song" with my other fave rave, William Martin Joel.

Elton has released a lot of albums-and a lot of songs. Necessarily, a lot of them have been forgettable. But when he hits, he hits big, and his songs have helped me through some rough patches.


  1. They are coming to Minneapolis again this summer. My husband had never seen me get all excited like that over something before -- I was bouncing, waiting for the usher to look at our tickets and let us in the arena. If Billy were coming alone, I'd spend the money and go... but I think I'll skip the Elton/Billy show this time around. Going to the Stormfront concert with you is still among my best memories ever.

  2. They're hitting here too. I'd love to go, but the budget just won't allow it.

    I remember much more clearly going to Sting/Concrete Blonde with you. If we went to Billy together, I have completely forgotten it. I'm a little bit flummoxed by that, because I thought my memory was better than that.

    I thought there was very little I had forgotten about you.

  3. I remember Sting...

    I swear we went to see Stormfront together. If it wasn't you, then it was my ex-husband who I've clearly written right out of the memory and instead put you there. You are my Billy guy.

    Nope, it had to have been you. Release date was in 1989, touring in 1990. I clearly remember standing with you when he did Goodnight Saigon, the lights and the sound effects, and all the voices singing together. It made me cry and cry.

    Because when I later dragged my ex to see him, I remember telling him about going with you to that concert and the effects that they used on that song.

    I still have the tapes of Music Ray Webster Would Listen To and More Than Just a Bunch of Screaming. I have the copies of Evita, Chess, and Love Letters as well. I even kept reading Spider Robinson and introduced my husband to him (yes, husband #2, husband #1 was a long and bad story).

    I hope they are mostly good memories. I know mine of you are.

  4. It was a million years ago, wasn't it?

    That picture Kathy Hurd posted of you really got to me-as Dylan put it, we were so much older then, we're younger than that now.

    If you say it's so, then I'm sure it is-you were always a lot smarter than me.

    I'm fairly impressed you kept all that stuff. I can't say the same thing.

    Good memories? Yes. Nothing but.

    I won't get into any more detail than that, lest I get melancholic.

  5. Dear Blog and Jersey Pal Michael,

    Why could you have not featured Original Sin or Sacrifice?

    Just asking.


  6. As is true in so much of my life, I could have. I just didn't.

    I love Billy with an all consuming passion, so I linked to a combo platter of Billy and Elton.

    I concur, though, "Sacrifice" is an excellent song. That whole album is grossly underrated.

    Plus, Sinead O' Connor does a great version of "Sacrifice", too.


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