Monday, April 14, 2008

All Hail the Bad Man!

Trailing 4-2, Kevin Youkilis homers to tighten the game to 4-3, then, in the top of the ninth, Julio Lugo doubles off of Joe Borowski. Lugo moves to third on a bunt by Crisp, then comes home when Pedroia flies out deep to left. Ortiz manages to slap a bloop single to left, working against the shift, and then Manny Ramirez, the Bad Man, CRUSHES a hanging Borowski slider for a two run homer to give Boston a 6-4 lead.

I don't know why Cleveland continues to send Borowski out there. He's terrible and everyone knows it.

I really expected a loss, after last night's draining loss, but I'll take a win. Nice work by the boys tonight. Pap now on to close it, and it should be an open and shut case. Fun, exciting win.

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