Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why does distance make us wise?

Tried to upgrade my phone today so I could take pictures while on my trip, but my check for my last month's service hadn't reached them yet, so no dice.

I'm mostly packed-just have to add a few last minute electronic gadgets-namely, the ones I'll be using all day Thursday, then I print my boarding pass and I'm off!

I'm really looking forward to being by myself for 72 hours. I know that doesn't look good, but there you go.

I downloaded "The Last Lecture" as an audiobook. My paper copy is still en route via Amazon.

I was listening to Billy Joel's version of "Shout" while driving home. I believe it's from my Yankee Stadium bootleg, which reminded me of the show I saw there. I remember I brought a spiral ring notebook, so I could write a letter to my current girlfriend while I waited for the show to start. My friend, who organized the trip, asked drily, "That one goes out to the one you love"?

Of course, the next song was "The One I Love"(Live) by REM.

Next was "In Your Eyes", from Rent. I still tear up at that, even years after having seen it.

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